Project Starfish Families

The Starfish Families

The starfish story was adapted from Loren Eiseley’s essay series called The Star Thrower. As one version goes, two men are walking along the beach and see thousands of starfish washed up on the shoreline dying. One man takes a starfish and throws it back into the ocean. The other man looks at him and says, “What difference does that make when there’re thousands more on the beach?” The other man replies, “It made a difference to that one!”

This is the philosophy of the Starfish Families. We are trying to make a difference to one family at a time. So many Ukrainian families have been displaced, forced to migrate to other countries because of this horrific war. Often, they leave Ukraine with only the clothes on their back. Some have serious health issues in a country whose medical resources are stressed to the limits. Some have lost family members. Some have lost the only wage earner in the family. And some have small children or are caretaking an elderly parent and have no means of support. As the war rages on, the need grows more severe. Many donors and relief workers have wearied of their efforts and have scaled back or left the struggle entirely. And that is where the Starfish Family program comes in!

Starfish Families are families in need, thoroughly vetted and contacted nearly daily by phone calls, in-person interviews, or video chats. Donors can be assured that 100% of their money will go to the Starfish Family of their choice; or trust us to make the decision, and we’ll see that your funds go to a deserving family. You can send a one-time donation or a monthly donation. As little as $50 can mean so much to those who have nothing.

In addition to knowing that your contributions are going to a just and necessary relief effort, The Starfish Families program will keep you apprised of the progress of your adoptive family through photographs and personal histories, as often or as occasionally as you like.

It is frustrating to know that we cannot help all those in need all at once or solve all these families’ problems, but with the help of the Starfish Families program, we can certainly make a difference to some!