Our Mission

Supporting Ukrainian families in need by delivering financial, humanitarian, and medical support. We focus our efforts on four key areas of need:

  • Provide income security for Ukrainian families
  • Financially support orphanages in and around Ukraine
  • Deliver humanitarian aid directly to villages impacted by the war

Income Security

The average income for a Ukrainian family is $3,000 USD per year. UCI pays $200 a month to vetted Ukrainian families for one year; this covers 80% of most family’s pre-war income.

Konstancin Orphanage

Ukrainian Children, Inc. provides financial support for an orphanage in Konstancin, Poland which is housing displaced Ukrainian orphans until it is safe for them to return to their home country.

Distribution of Humanitarian Aid

Food, medicine, and supplies are pouring into Ukraine but have not been reaching the people who need them most. Ukrainian Children, Inc. pairs donations with villages that need them, and provides the logistics needed to get humanitarian aid from Warsaw into the hands of eastern Ukrainians.