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Window Project

Russia’s brutal war against the people of Ukraine is evident everywhere. Collapsed buildings, damaged infrastructure; walls are filled with bullet holes and bomb fragments; and there are no windows anywhere. Attempts to temporarily repair them have had limited effect. Local governments hand out plywood, which neither insulates nor gives light.

To answer this need, was formed. This talented and inspired group came up with an innovative solution. By using inexpensive and easily available supplies such as plastic sheeting, insulating noodles, pvc pipe, duct tape, and expanding foam insulation, their product rivals the efficiency of a dual-pane glass window.

It’s a solution that will help keep people warm and will provide light during the day. Also, it will prevent injury from breaking glass or splintering wood during an attack.

We have partnered with Insulate-Ukraine, employing our Ukrainian volunteers from the Wood Stove Project to help implement their program in both Nikopol and the recently liberated city of Kherson. In the city of Nikopol, we are hiring locals as installers and foremen/women. The project is quickly taking form as an important method for increasing the health and safety of the people of those cities.

We are looking for backers for this huge undertaking. Nikopol is estimated to have 30,000 broken windows, making most structures uninhabitable. Businesses and individual doners can adopt a street, neighborhood, or village. We can provide daily updates from the people you are helping, including photos and stories. No contribution is too small. Please help us continue to warm and give basic shelter to the people of Ukraine.