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Gary & Ellen Wasserson

Gary Wasserson became involved with Ukrainian relief efforts when he learned four days after the Russian invasion began that he had family at risk. Within a week, he flew to Poland and extracted his family, whom he hadn’t known existed, and brought them to Krakow. Realizing that so many more Ukrainians were in peril, he and his wife Ellen have devoted themselves to helping other at-risk refugees, and those still within Ukraine, find safety from the war. They, along with help from their daughter Laura and her partner Kevin Rowell, have created a wide and deep support network of humanitarians, a “team of angels”, with whom they work.

Gary, a graduate of Babson College, is a technology entrepreneur who has been responsible for the development of two publicly traded companies in the voice and data service industry. Global Link was the first major prepaid telephone calling card in the United States.  Acceris Communications (WorldXChange, iLink), his second public company, was focused on the aggregation of various voice and data service providers globally to build one large organization. With his “never give up” attitude, Gary approaches every aspect of his relief efforts with determination and resilience. He uses his entrepreneurial skills to identify innovative solutions and strategies to address the challenges faced by Ukrainians in need.

Ellen, a graduate of Cornell University School of Architecture, is an artist and designer. Beyond her creative and artistic abilities, Ellen is also known for her natural networking skills. She has a unique talent for connecting with others, building relationships, and fostering a sense of community. Whether its collaborating on projects, organizing events, or simply being a supportive presence, Ellen thrives in social settings and has a knack for bringing people together. This has been instrumental in their work helping the Ukrainians.

The Wassersons live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and have two adult children, Laura, and Eric.

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Gary & Ellen Wasserson

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