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Our Mission

Our mission is to help give specifically requested humanitarian aid to vetted refugees (by co-founder Mark J. Lindquist, who is on-the-ground in Ukraine and Joel Schneider based in the USA) backed up by our US based volunteers.

Our Story


Mark and Joel are polar opposites: they come from different generations, religions, and cultural backgrounds.  But they share a common goal of putting boots on the ground to directly help others in times of need.

When the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine arose, it only took one brief conversation between the two before they dropped everything and sprung into action.  Joel founded a nonprofit organization and began raising funds for direct relief, and Mark got on a plane to Ukraine.  Mark is working face-to-face with refugees to determine the most impactful ways of providing financial support, with support from Joel and the rest of our North Carolina command center.

Ukrainian Children, Inc. is dedicated to processing payments directly to refugees, via any means necessary to achieve our mission.  Our approach is simple: once we vet the family, we commit to providing $200 USD per month for at least one full year.  The average Ukrainian annual salary is approximately $3,000 USD, so this support covers 80% of a typical family’s income.  The funds go directly to the affected individuals, enabling them to allocate their own expenses across food, clothing, medicine, rent, and utilities as they see fit.  This form of support is extraordinarily concrete and truly makes a difference in the lives of those in need.

We have already begun providing payments to numerous Ukrainian families, and they communicate with us on a daily basis to provide pictures and written accounts of their lives.  It brings us great joy to share their stories on our website, and we look forward to the possibility of building relationships between refugee families and donors if both parties are willing to make that connection.

This Week’s

Featured Story

The following story was shared by one of the families we provide essentials to and is in their own words.

I am now writing the story of my family to bring you all our pain, I want to tell you everything we went through Good afternoon, Joel Thank you for writing to me and for wanting to take care of us, it is very important for us. We escaped!

We live in a very beautiful and picturesque town in Ukraine. We lived happily, building a future for our children. I will never forget how my mother called in the morning and woke us up with the words: Children, the war has begun.

We couldn’t believe it until the last moment we saw helicopters flying out of the window and dropping bombs on the airfield, where the world’s largest plane stands. Dream
Before our eyes, everything started to bomb…. It was all like a nightmare. The war began, our lives turned upside down. Cities are destroyed, innocent people die, children die and everything around burns with fire. Our family lived in the basement for 14 days. Our city turned out to be a hot spot, we were trapped, all the bridges around were blown up. We couldn’t leave because everyone was shot. the first three days there was light and water but then the city was bombed, we were left without light, water, heat and normal food. In order to cook, we lit a fire and cooked on the street near the basement, it was very scary to do it because they were constantly bombing, flying rockets, firing tanks. The children needed food.

Our children have learned to recognize how a tank fires, how rockets fly and how the occupiers shoot from machine guns.

The water we drained from the pipes of the house began to run out, there was almost no food, life in the basement became impossible …… it became very unsafe to stay in the basement as the bombing became even stronger, firing harder every day, even in the basement trembled. One day the evacuation of people from our city began. Green corridors were launched. My family and I risked our lives and decided to flee to a safer city We heard that there is a green corridor, took away documents, a cat, two rodents (rats) and decided to go. Our journey was the scariest day of our lives.
On this day, as we were driving, the terrorists did not fulfill the agreement on the green corridor and started firing at civilians who were driving in their cars. We drove with the windows open, there were signs on the car that there were children. We passed 5 checkpoints of terrorists, at each post we prayed to God that we would not be shot. The car that passed after us was shot. God saved us! We managed to move to a safer city with less shelling. We came to the city where my husband’s parents live.

There are also constant sirens about danger and air alarm, two days later at night 4 rockets arrived, blew up a military unit in the city and a multi-storey house of civilians. A man was killed and many wounded. But here we can live in normal conditions. There is water, light, heat, shops and pharmacies. We can exist normally.

You asked if we needed help. I never asked for anything, the main thing is that we survived but we ran away with one bag of documents, animals and food for the animals. Everything we had stayed at our house. We left our home where our whole life is. We saved on vacation, bought furniture and appliances at home, bought everything for the children that would make their lives wonderful. Many people denied themselves because the family earns only from my husband and I look after the children, our younger son recently went to kindergarten and the eldest son constantly needs my help in learning, he has dyslexia and dysgraphia, must be under constant control for training.
According to information from the military in our house and all the houses that remained undamaged in the apartments looting, in our yard there are tanks of the occupiers and we do not know whether we will have anywhere to return to if our house is not blown up. Now we live with our parents, our parents feed us. We have no clothes at all and our children also have no clothes, toys or books.
If you want to know something else, ask, we will be happy to answer. I am attaching a photo of our family before the war. Photos and videos taken during the war, how the war began, the first minutes we saw from the window. Video of how we lived in the basement the first few days, how we cooked. We always smiled in the photo so that the children would not see our fear and pain. And the last photo of how the war changed us. Thank you for your concern to our grief!

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Become involved by giving to the needs of displaced children and families. With the Ukrainian average income of approximately $3,000 annually, $200 can sustain a family for a month providing the necessary essentials such as food, shelter, utilities and clothing. They need our help!

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