The Problem Russia’s constant bombing of Ukraine has taken its toll on life and structures. Hundreds of thousands of homes and critical infrastructure have lost windows. Homeowners are forced to use anything at hand to cover them; wood, tin, mattresses…anything. This has made homes vulnerable to the weather, darkness and splintering. The Solution We are Ukrainian Children Inc., a 501(3)(c). In January 2023, we partnered with Harry Blakiston Houston and his team from Cambridge University, who have developed an innovative method to temporarily repair bombed-out windows. Their solution not only restores the functionality of the windows but also provides excellent insulation. Harry has developed an efficient system to track requests, materials used, and installation hours, which has enabled him to scale a network of organizations to adopt and implement this method. Their collective efforts, known as Insulate Ukraine, have been remarkably successful, with each window repair costing only $15 using local materials and labor. Ukrainian Children had an existing program in the city of Nikopol, Ukraine. Our satellite alliance with Insulate Ukraine has allowed us to replace 1400 windows in Nikopol and the surrounding area. With Insulate Ukraine, we are making a difference. Our Need Our on-the-ground partner, Elena Aleksandrova traveled from Nikopol to southern California. She was here from July 24th-August 23rd 2023 to help raise awareness of the window program and to share her experiences, insights, and the impact we have made so far. Donations can be made to We are a registered 501 (c)(3)