Today is Thanksgiving in the USA.

We have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful that Inna is safe and that I can help her and other Ukrainians keep warm for the winter. Please join me! Give to the Wood Stove Project or the Window Project.

Elena Report – Nikopol, Ukraine

This is Inna. She lives with her mother, who is disabled. Her mother likes to sit in the wheelchair next to the balcony. This is the only way she can look outside. The day of shell she  didn’t feel well, and Inna carried her to the next room to lay on the bed. At that moment, the shell happened and destroyed all the window in the balcony. But praise God, they were not injured.

*Note the quilt covering the missing door window.

Winter is here! Please help us keep families warm in Ukraine. We need funding to help keep this project going. As little as $15 can replace a window.

The need is big, but small donations will make a difference!

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