Sunflower Camp for Ukrainian Children-4th Session

Anna Report-Warsaw, Poland

?We visited the Museum of Evolution, ?climbed to the top of a historic building and explored the Warsaw area, we had a ?delicious meal at McDonald’s, and then played to our heart’s content at the ?computer game museum

❤️‍?Today, for the first time, the children opened up and told personal stories about what happened with them in Ukraine during the war and why they moved to Warsaw.

The impression was that it was the plot of an unpleasant movie, that this doesn’t happen in real life..

?But children are happy to have a safe place where we can talk it out, cry together, wipe our tears and go into the future with dignity.

?We all clearly realize how much you support us and motivate us to go on and fight. Thank you very much. Low bow to all of you!