Sunflower Camp for Ukrainian Children-3rd Session End

Anna Report-Warsaw, Poland

Our gala concert has become a good tradition in the camp. That’s how we call our grand closing of the session and farewell to the camp.

The moment of parting is a bit difficult, children hug each other, give gifts, and parents come up with words of gratitude and delight at the quality of time spent by their children in the camp.

This time, our near and dear organizers Yagna, Ellen and Gary were at the concert.

I also managed to ask the foundation to send invitations to the media. We all told the local TV about our days in the camp, and the children shared their impressions as well.

We were honored to hear a solemn speech from the First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland.

The emotions from the children’s performance caused delight, goosebumps, tears, joy, and laughter. The emotional carousel of everything that happened will remain in the memory of everyone who came for a long time.

The warmth and intimate atmosphere is something we want to repeat. We thank everyone for this opportunity.

We love you all very much ???????