Sunflower Ukrainian Community Center

Gary Wasserson Report


Behind these smiles, a truth emerges. Anxiety, grief, depression, and all out fear dominate for many. The reality of war, the death and destruction, the fear of waking up every morning not knowing if your loved ones survived the night is front and center for everyone.

Ellen and I have had this vision and have agreed to develop a Sunflower Ukrainian Community Center in Warsaw with our wonderful Polish partner TPD. It will serve as a day care, after school program, meeting place and support center for Ukrainian children. 

The most important aspect of this center will be to give psychological support to the true Heros in this war, the Moms.  As we have been here from the very beginning, we have gotten to know and earn the trust of many of these Moms. While they smile in public, they are all consumed with unimaginable fear, anxiety, and guilt. Our center will bring them together in support groups with some of the finest Ukrainian certified psychologists to help them navigate the unimaginable. The impact is generational!

In America, we have the luxury to say that a Mom is only as happy as their least happy child. In Ukraine, a child can not find peace and happiness when their Mothers are stricken with this horrible fear!

Many of you have asked, how can I help?  We need your support to guarantee continuity of this important initiative as this war drags on!!!

Note: Wasserson Project: Sunflower Community Center for Woman and Children